If This Is No Longer A Bus Stop…

If this is no longer a bus stop, then what is it?

This is the central question of this project. This is a space for people to post their ideas, and respond (respectfully) to the ideas of others. My community was not adequately consulted about how eliminating the B23 would affect us. Now I would would like to ask my community: what happens next?

Along side the temporary art installations I am using to comment upon the elimination of the B23 bus line, I would like the public to contribute ideas, proposals, sketches, comments and possibly their own (non-damaging) installations in the Cemusa glass bus shelters that now stand as a constant reminder of how the MTA has failed in it’s responsibility to this neighborhood, and many others.

Please be respectful of other people’s ideas, use proper language and think seriously about how we can creatively comment upon our situation. Let us begin the dialogue with these basic questions:

1. If this is no longer a bus stop, then what should it be used for?

2. How has the discontinuation of the B23 affected you?

3. How do you feel about public services being privatized?

4. How can public transportation be improved in New York City?


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